Champion Challenge

Jojo and I were sipping on iced lattes and sharing about life one evening. We both had a lot on our hearts and were able to confide in one another. As I shared about my burdens, she not only listened but pushed me to pursue Christ throughout the whole situation. She told me to start a blog and share my stories and insights with others. God used her to help me get back on track pursuing Him. I drove home elated that night, I began thinking through how God had used Jojo in such a powerful way. This is an example of “championing.”

I’ve experienced my family and friends champion me over the years, but until now, I didn’t have a word for it. “Championing” is seeing someone else’s potential and communicating their unseen potential to them. “Championing” is not merely encouraging someone, it is making them feel supported, loved, known, and/or cared for. The Miriam Webster dictionary describes it best:


  Championing can be as simple as purposefully encouraging someone. Championing can be anywhere from showing someone support, being their advocate, or simply showing them you have their back. This can be done in an uplifting conversation or random text.

As I’ve been thinking more and more about the word “championing,” I’ve been seeing championing moments more often. The bass players at my church are incredible championers.  Once a month when I practice with the team, they compliment my harmonies without fail. This seemingly simple act is incredibly uplifting to a self-taught singer who is incredibly insecure about her voice. A simple act of championing that makes a world of difference.

On the other hand, championing can also create an incredibly long-lasting impact and bond. This bond is created by letting someone know you’re taking time and effort in knowing them, providing support, upholding them, advocating for them, and backing them up. Those you champion in this way maybe the people in your life who turn around and be your biggest championers. These championers are those that can be FaceTimed at 3am whenever you need prayer/someone to talk to when you’re walking home late at night (true story, FaceTimed Jojo at 11pm at night when walking 6 blocks home in Maywood, IL).


A ) Make a list of those in your own life who have championed you and thank them. They’ve taken an active role in truly loving on you.

B ) Make a list of someone you can champion this week. It could be someone you want to commit to actively championing or someone you’ll attempt to champion in a purposeful conversation.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Go hug someone’s heart – Take the Champion Challenge

Let’s all commit to championing one another. EVERYONE can use some championing. Only God knows how much someone may be needing a championer at a particular moment and the impact that your “purposeful championing” will have on their heart. Once you begin the act of championing I pray you’ll be able to see the impact it has on those around you. Let’s make a commitment to being each other’s champions. Let’s strive daily to champion on another on as we seek to know God and glorify Him





S/O to Amber (my gorgeous cover photo) for taking the time to edit my draft of this blog post. Just one example (out of thousands) where Amber has been an incredible championer ❤


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