Thoughtful Sip – National Coffee Day

On September 29th coffee lovers from all across America take an extra thoughtful sip of that beautiful bean brew we tend to take for granted each morning. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this magical beverage and its fun history.

History of Coffee

Coffee as a beverage has such a complex nature. We’ve all walked into a coffee shop not knowing the difference between a traditional macchiato vs Starbucks macchiato. With C8H10N4O2 being Caffeine’s Molecule code you know coffee and all of its components are complicated. Did you know its history is no different? Coffees origin dates farther back then our historical databases can trace, but legends of the coffee bean can give us an idea of how far back a cuppa Joe really goes.

The way coffee traveled around the world was through trade. Did you know that along with bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to new lands Missionaries were apart of carrying coffee seeds too new parts of the world? No wonder I adore meeting up at a coffee shop to talk about missions. It’s a part of missions history ; )

If coffee had a Netflix original movie it would be under Action/Thriller/Romance.

Action & Adventure

In the 1800s King Louis XIV was gifted a coffee plant by the Mayor of Amsterdam. It was protected and planted in the kings garden. It’s said that a young naval officer, Gabriel de Clieu “obtained” just a seedling from that plant and boarded a ship headed to Martinique. The ship went through horrendous storms, a pirate attack, and Gabriel de Clieu had to even protect the seed as someone tried destroying the seed during the voyage. After the long and dramatic journey the ship landed and He later successfully planted the seed. It flourished in Martinique. That little seed is credited in being the parent seed of all Caribbean, South and Central American coffee plants we brew today.


Legend has it that in 1727 the Portuguese were really feeling the need for coffee, but the rude governor of bordering French Guiana refused to share his seeds. Since this seemed v rude a Brazilian Sergeant named Francisco de Mello Palheta was sent on a diplomatic mission to make it happen. It was an unsuccessful trip. Even after talking it through the governor wasn’t sharing. “But what is life without coffee?”, he may have thought to himself as he prepared to make the journey home. Palheta was devastated. Legend has it that his luck turned when the governor’s wife found pity on him because she thought he was cute. Its said that she gave him a beautiful bouquet with seeds hidden inside. Added moral of the story is please don’t go down in history as the wife who cheated on her husband over some coffee beans. 


Suggested Sip Spots

Now go out and get yourself a mug of rocket fuel! Either alone or with a brew buddy! Here are a few spots I am absolutely loving right now.

Steam Coffee Co – 2050 York Rd, Oak Brook

Friendly Coffee Lounge 6731 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn

Wise Cup – 1018 Lake St, Oak Park (Tip my Miller girls if they’re on bar)

Limitless Coffee & Tea River North 675 N Wells St, Chicago

Starbucks – 1427 Lee St, Des Plaines (Tip my girl Mary C if shes on bar)

(My #1 Bae) Dunkin Donuts –  Recommendation: get a medium ice coffee and add a turbo shot (50cents WELL spent)

Like & Leave a comment on what you’re favorite coffee spot is.


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Sip – National Coffee Day

  1. Love this! Peets is my personal fav coffee spot<3

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  2. I actually laughed, I love how funny this is!

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