10 Facts about the Blogger 

Welcome to my blog! (V excited to type that) I’ve been playing around with the idea of blogging for a while now (Since I tried writing a book – got 8 pages in and gave up)  I hope you’ll enjoy this small corner of the interwebs that I am about to create. I want to create a space to share topics God has placed on my heart. I want to cover topics like: modesty, fashion, Godly friendship, cats, self-image, missions work, pursuing Christ, combating insecurities, singleness, health and more. Here are 10 fun facts about myself – in no significant order.



1. Chestnut Brown Hair


My mom endearingly called me a “Chestnut Brownie” growing up. Fashion is something I’ve been working on finding via thrift stores, Nordstrom’s Rack, and Ross. I’ll have some fun posts about Bikinis, dressing for your Body Type, and what 21st-century Modesty looks like.






2. People Loving

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I LOVE people (to a fault sometimes). I am a 2w3 on the Enneagram and an ESFP for my Myers-Briggs Type. I LOVE PEOPLE.  God has been teaching me A LOT about people and what loving them truly looks like. I am excited to dive into the world of People, Relationships, and how to strive after honoring God through them.






3. Cat Lover


I own a mischievous, cruel, adorable, rescue kitty named Olive. My love for cats began at a young age. My Dad Hated Cats but when we visited Southern Indiana every year. My siblings and I would run to a barn and we’d spend hours finding, trapping, and playing with the kittens and Barn Cats. I remember trying to sneak one home with us (I am mischievous and hardheaded) but I remember weighing how much trouble I would be in if my mission was successful so I made the fact that we had a Kitten In Our Trunk very evident (I am v fearful of getting in trouble). I’ll have a post about why you either Love cats or Hate them.







 4. 6’1”


I am Tall. It can feel like a major blessing in my life as well as a major curse. If you’re taller or are human and struggle with Self-Image be on the lookout for some Inspiration, Positivity, and simple ways to fight feeling like you are any less.








5. Full-time Missionary


I’ve worked with a Christian Non-Profit since 2015. I am passionate about Equipping others to evangelize and building Relationships with those the Lord has placed in my life. Ministry has been an incredible journey filled with ups and downs. I’ll go into the Top 5 Things God Has Taught Me through it and insights into what God is doing in Chicago.






6. Love for Jesus


I said “The Prayer” at Harvest Bible Chapple at age 8. I struggled with waiting for and wanting a feeling of being saved: a sign. I went to VBS at Calvery Memorial Church and remember raising my hand when they asked if anyone would like to believe in Jesus. I Prayed the prayer Any Chance I Got, hoping it would “work” and that I would finally feel saved. That went on for two years till, in the back of our family’s 12 passenger van, headed to Warren dunes (at age 10), I was hit with the realization that Believing Isn’t About A Feeling. Faith is believing in something that is unseen AND unfelt. I had to walk by faith and not by sight. From then on God has revealed his fruit in my life and I have never doubted my Faith till I wrestled with Calvinism vs Arminianism years later (but we won’t get into that just yet). I Love Jesus and Jesus Loves Me!







7. Huge Feet


I wear a Size 14 women’s shoe. My #1 insecurity are my feet. BOY am I insecure about my feet, BUT I adore finding ways to glorify God even with my insecurities. Though I still haven’t found the reason why God made me with huge feet I am excited to share stories about how myself and others have found the silver lining in the Insecurities Of Life.






8. Never Dated


I am in my 20s and (semi) proud of never going on a single date. There was this one hangout that was funny and awkward and involved a Goat petting, but I don’t consider that a date. I’m going to talk about what being Single means to me and the journey I am on to glorify God while not eating to much pitty ice cream along the way. Talking about what it looks like to truly give God your heart, to Guarding Your Heart, and fighting lust and other sins that can come with Loneliness in singlehood. It’s gonna be a fun time.






9. My Aesthetic


My aesthetic is easily explained by my bedroom. I sleep with an 8-foot white pillar on either sides of my Queen sized bed, draped with a sheer white lace canopy. I love Soft colors, off Whites, marble, and White Roses. I’ll take you on a home tour and how I’ve been blessed to have only purchased One Piece of furniture for my entire apartment.







10. Favorite Foods

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DIET COKE – I am addicted and aspartame is AWFUL for you but if you see me drinking diet coke I need a hug because it’s been a hard day. I will definitely have blog posts about food and how to make yummy salads while eating Healthy, alongside how to best enjoy glazed chicken tenders from McDonald’s. I am also about strengthening your body. I’ll post my workout routine (15 min or less) and how I fit it into a busy schedule.







EXTRA Section. Beaut Vocabulary Words


I am v proud of my Midwestern accent. It’s the accent radio personalities and news anchors strive for since it’s the plainest American accent. That being said, I have a few words I use that are definitely Unique To Me. Here is my list of vocab words you may want to learn before reading my blog.

  1. Sassy = Inappropriate
  2. 10/10 = used as a form of measurement. It can mean something is really bad or really good 
  3. V = very 
  4. Ppl = people 
  5. CEF = Child Evangelism Fellowship (the missions organization I work with)
  6. CYIA = Christian Youth In Action is an 11-day training camp I teach and staff in the summer where teens ages 12-19 come to learn how to share the Gospel. 
  7. Olive = My cat

Thanks for reading! – Check out my Instagram – I’ll be updating it with new content aswell as when new blog posts come out.


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3 thoughts on “10 Facts about the Blogger 

  1. Excited to read more posts!

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  2. I love this! And you! I miss you, friend!

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